segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

Termos formais sobre Meio Ambiente e Recursos Naturais

Segue para os colegas mais um link onde encontraremos : Vocabulário básico de Recursos Naturais e Meio Ambiente, publicado pelo IBGE.



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  1. Amigos
    Na integra o depoimento do intercambista indiano, sobre sua experiencia no IGE:

    Dear Marcio Leitao

    Pardon me for not being able to reply earlier.

    Being a member of GSE team and my visit to Brasil in 1997 was a defining experience in my life and carrier. It was my first exposure to a different world and it was so unique. I was happy that I visited Brasil. It was so similar to my country and so very different at the same time. I learned so many important lessons in my life which helped understand this world better.

    I found Brasilians such wonderful and nice people. They were warm loving and respectful and so full of life. We did not speak the same language and I realised spoken language was not indispensible for communicate. We were busy communicating the whole day -without speaking each other's language most of the time. At least we could understand our emotional expressions.

    I found human need, behaviour, weaknesses,emotions are same everywhere. I also learned how easily we could share it .

    Professionally also it was very useful. I met few Plastic surgeons and saw their work and workplace. The most important place that I visited was Bauru- Institute for cleft and craniofacial anomalies. And there I saw a dream. I wanted to work for cleft children and have a institution like Bauru.I started working for it initially by organising camps in my small hospital for cleft children. The free camps were organised in February coinciding with my father's death anniversary.

    Then I started working with The Smile Train. My hospital started innovative outreach programs for cleft patients. soon we started doing cleft surgeries in large numbers. In last five years my hospital has provided free cleft surgeries to more than 15000 patients! which is the highest number in the world.

    An ameriacl documentary film crew came to my hospital to make a documentary on our work. The film ,Smile Pinki won an Oscar for the Best documentary film short..

    My GSE experience significantly enriched my knowledge and experience of the world. I learned a lot about the world and people. I learned sharing and caring. I learned cooperation and team work. All this had a positive impact on my attitude. It was a life changing experience.
    I made friends who remember me and I remember them. I had a good fortune of visiting some of them on 19th and 20th f september this year and it was a memorable moment for me.

    My best wishes are with all Roatarians of Brasil and with all Brasilians. I love brasil and Brasilians.

    Good luck


    Dr Subodh Kumar Singh
    Director and chief of Plastic Surgery
    G S Memorial Plastic Surgery Hospital
    Varanasi, Indi-221010
    Cell-91 94152 01547
    Fone: 91 542 2362 950
    91 542 2360 289
    Fone: hospital-91 542 2360 950